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Forthcoming CD "The Wind Cries Satie" - arrangements of Erik Satie with viols (acoustic and electronic) + percussion and electronics

I´m finishing the whole CD at the moment, it will feature:

7 Gnossiennes - 3 Crossed-up Dances - Petite Ouverture à danser (retitled "The Wind Cries Satie") - Vexations


here the first Crossed-up Dance (Danses de Travers)

I wanted to illustrate serenity in a composition. Over a 5/4 rhythm, easy joyful melodies played by viola da gamba and a percussion ensemble with hang, bells, marimbas and electronics. Recorded and tuned on A = 432 Hz. Photo Xavier Mignon.

Pascal Melchior, a musician friend of mine transcribed a song played by a balafon ensemble from somewhere in West Africa (Tanzania?). It´s been a wonderful basis for live improvisation ever since, and it is one of the song I play in my solo programm. Simple 4/4 rhythm in D. Because of the A = 432 Hz tuning, this D is 144 Hz, the basic frequency of the planet Mars. Photo Xavier Mignon

These two songs were done for an intercultural project in Augsburg, the project came just as I intended to do a production with traditional french children rhimes and popular songs. My daughter Aurélie sings. We´ll finish this as soon as possible, as there really is a demand for it, already 5000 + plays!

Two of the compositions for a dvd/show about the Apocalypse with Xavier Mignon´s texts and photos. C minor, 432 Hz

Tombeau has an 2´30 quiet intro with bells, then comes the viol with full orchestra.

Far East is the Closing composition of the Apocalypse DVD. Dedicated to Salim. 432 Hz. Photos Xavier Mignon


CD The Missing Link – 2013

CD The Missing Link 2013

Oriental sounds reflect in space, nest in the ears, delight the senses. Heard alongside the Indian vocalist, the viola da gamba radiates exoticism: like the lute, it has its ancient roots in the Near East, was for centuries one of the most popular instruments across Europe, and has made a comeback with the recent popularity of Baroque music.

From this hybrid instrument, French composer Gilles Zimmermann draws unexpected sounds; modern yet timeless, fragile yet powerful.... touching the inner soul.

He and his new album „The Missing Link“ mix Oriental and European sounds, sometimes with subtle elements of rock, then moving on to more chamber- and jazz-oriented sounds.

(Peter Baier, Süddeutsche Zeitung)

Sucheta Ganguly, vocal,
Probir Mitra, tabla,
Gaspare Sepio, keyboards & accordion
Gilles Zimmermann, acoustic & electric viola da gamba, add. keyboards
extra on 6: Ulli Siebenborn, berimbao, Bic König, guiro

hard copy by  Artmode-records - 14,90 €

Available online on Bandcamp ( also Amazon, I-Tunes, Spotify, Deezer, etc) - 9 € (and here as soon as I can get this fr. plugin working!)

A remixed version in 432 Hz is on Magnatune

The Missing Link by Gilles Zimmermann






Verena Kronseder (Germany), Viola da Gamba

Rüdiger Maul (Germany), Percussion

Temur Bukhnikashvili (Georgia), Bassoon

Giorgi Gvantseladze (Georgia), Oboe





Verena Kronseder (Germany), Viola da Gamba

Bernd Mahne (Germany), Violone







Verena Kronseder, Viola da Gamba

Doris Seitner, Viola da Gamba



Duo with Maria Cristina Hurtado (Columbia):

MC Hurtado - IMG_4674



CD La Nuit Et Le Jour 1997

Cd_cover La_Nuit_et_le_Jour-320

1997 – first production, 2 compositions with 2 parts, for two viols and harmonic singing

(I´ll put the 4 songs here  asap)








Transports - 1991 - 1999

CD_Transport cover



Film score without film, with Eye Sample:
Max Bauer, percussions
Suzanne Bunz, vocals
Angelo Kaunat, scenic designer, photos
Burkhard Kienzler, baritone and soprano-saxophone, flute
Ellen Raab, mime and dance, choreography
Sophie Wendt, dance and mime
Gilles Zimmermann, composition, programming, bass, piano, keyboards, percussions

Additional musicians:

Cornelia Fröschl, cello (solo in Auftauchen)
Michael Kurz, cello, bass clarinet, bass flute
Recorded Live at Tollwood Festival Munich, June 91 & at Studio Vates 92/93

Sound Engineer (live & studio): Gerhard Vates

Mix & production: Gilles Zimmermann 99



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