Gilles Zimmermann

pantagruelian artist

To change the world, change the music


Actual Album

The Wind Cries Satie

14 Erik Satie Pieces Arranged

for Modern Broken Consort

Viola Da Gamba

"He took everything from the good side, never bothered, mourned or scandalized over anything"


music is a tool to exercise intelligence

In a real world, it´s not the genre that makes the artist,

it´s the artist who creates his own genre.

Other´s genres are prisons.

With a European traditional instrument,

the viola da gamba,

a French musician and composer invents an original form of music,

reminiscing of medieval, classical, jazz, and various popular music,

with no boundaries but harmony, using modern technology,

and working at being more human.

Rediscovering a European art of modal improvisation.

45 years experience in the music worlds, on stage, for film or theater, revisiting essentials forgotten in the illusion of ordinary life




musica sine metaphysica nihil


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To change the world, change the music.

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Music comes from the muses,

not the museums

(but mind the muse)


© Copyright Gilles Zimmermann 2019

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