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New 14´ composition


Music For When They Left The Tower


What if words made sense

instead of noise?


Words have become

potential prejudices


Who am I?

Who are they?

What if they left?

What if?


for Modern Broken Consort

Viola Da Gamba - 432 Hz

What my People say

"Not the genre makes the artist, the artist creates his own genre."

A.K. Coomaraswamy

An original form of music based on improvisation

and viola da gamba


Modern Broken Consort

              Open-minded Music

Does knowledge need a diploma when it can be tasted*?

Multi-instrumentalist composer, GZ has always studied what he needs, to apply it immediately.

As official music education is full of holes, after initial experiences with various improvised music styles and double bass studies at the conservatory, he studied the basics of European music, from Plato to Gregorian to JS Bach, and went abroad to compare with extra-european improvisation based music practices from India, Far East, African and Arab cultures.

And discover Unicity.

So, musical meditations, world music, neo-classical, jazz/improvised music, contemporary creation?

Music that develops horizontally in time with few chords, replaced by superimpositions of melodic lines in complementary pulses, on the traditional basis of relationships between numbers and their symbolism.

Practically an anthology of about 5000 years of music history and practices, many modern genres can be recognized in these musical creations, 

which is why they are uncategorizable


*latin: sapere


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