CD Le Jour et la Nuit

Cd_cover La_Nuit_et_le_Jour-3201997 – first production, 2 compositions with 2 parts each,

recorded in a large beer cellar underground on 13th of December 1996. I used the tuning described by Plato in the Timaeus, which my Indian teacher Keshavram Iengar in Mysore later recognized as „our natural scale“.The Bridge - two viols and harmonic singing

The Source 

exposing the Dorian mode as described in the Timaeus, it is called today Phrygian or Deuterus, I used elements of maqam Kurd and raga Bhairavi.

The Bridge

On Me all things are strung like beaded pearls“ Bhagavad Gita VII,7.

The singing is based on one single note from which various harmonics arise. It is called „throat singing“ in East Europe. As taught me my Mongol teacher, one should not force on the voice, I did not either intend to sound like some new-age shaman.

                         Night – two viols


Improvisation on „Le Juif Errant“, a traditional song. Popular memory can be a good carrier.


Dedicated to St Dismas. The development oft he idea of resignation, on the Ionian mode, the actual inversion oft he Timaeus scale. I modulate tot he more orthodox Gregorian Tetrardus (a minor seventh).





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