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Seren Apocalypse


In a failing world under collective hypnosis, a musician and composer, working at being more human.

It´s not the genre that makes the artist, it´s the artist who does his own genre. With a European traditional instrument unfairly considered as only baroque, the viola da gamba, invents an original form of music, using elements of medieval, classic, jazz, and various popular music, with no boundaries but harmony, and

rediscovers a European art of modal improvisation.

40 years experience in the music worlds, on stage, for film or theater, rediscovering essentials ignored or forgotten in the illusion of ordinary life


musica sine metaphysica nihil


WANG color2- 500

Music between the worlds



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New dates pending Solo concert, et cetera and  Charlotte fait du Jazz

Music comes from the muses,


not the museums


(but mind the muse)