The Wind Cries Satie




14 Erik Satie pieces arranged for Modern Broken Consort

After spending some 10 years with JS Bach, it was quite natural to move on to something more recent: Erik Satie’s universe. For each piece, I first improvised around the score, with a study / harmonic experience of the modes used by Satie.

The arrangements I did are intended to be played with other musicians, unfortunately this would involve financial means that I do not have, as well as find enough musicians who can play them, which is not easy at all, because even if today there are relatively many violists, most are incapable to improvise, not only in solo, but also, and especially – as in jazz – collectively. So this would also mean some teaching and training.

Would I find them, I would still have to create a repertoire… the lack of staff could therefore not be a sufficient reason not to achieve my vision.

I see violists at night, indeed…

Because each piece creates a universe, a new “site / lieu” (the meaning of the oriental terms maqam or raga to describe the modes) in which the musician walks, enlightening or leaving in the shade certain aspects.

I wish you nice walks, dear listeners!

Arrangements, all viols and other instruments, production and mix: Gilles Zimmermann.

I am very thankful to Rüdiger Maul for his Frame Drum parts, as well as Eddie Burns for his Bodhrán intervention in the 2nd Gnossienne.

Hartmut Welz for mastering, new music = questioning habits, even for the EQ master.

My creative image-maker friends, Gerhard Ehrmann and Manouchehr Abrontan, and Xavier Mignon, poet photographer metaphysician.


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