The Wind Cries Satie

Modern Broken Consort Music

Music with viols used to be played in ensembles called  consort – it seems the  16th century British musicians couldn´t pronounce the French word concert – either Whole Consort, only viols, or Broken Consort, in combination with other instruments. “Modern” music as I live in the 21st century, use acoustic and electric viols in combination with electronic effects and percussion, and a certain polyphony.

For these recordings, all parts were played without metronome ( the click from the computer that produces  music without mercy), unlike most of the modern transhumanist music that can be heard today, which is reduced to producing either sorrow or dance (as Swiss singer Stefan Eicher said in a recent interview ), while many more nuances of emotions and consciousness levels can be manifested by music, which, contrary to modern understanding, is an art that lives only through its full humanity.

The project is meant for 3 to 6 musicians, it will have to find investors, and this is why this music already exist through recording - to possibly end with the interpretation of these arrangements live in concert.

The pitch used is A = 432 Hz.

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