Le Lai de l´Eau

A lai is a type of medieval song, but here it is an instrumental piece.
Le Lai de l'Eau, a musical alchemy that contemplates water in its essence, its symbolism, its mode of operation, its movements. The swaying and exchange of currents and their levels of transparency, humans sleeping in their daily phase of return to the Principle, and to help the listener extract the "substantial marrow", I used in the video mainly thousand-year-old Taoist texts that speak of water, and quite naturally led me to use the Chinese ideogram shuǐ, water, at the end, in homage to this lesser-known yet so close Chinese culture.
The different tracks here are edits of the same song for various purposes, like radio play and the likes, if someone wants to listen to only parts of the composition.


released March 3, 2023

Thank you
- Olya Kobruseva for the album cover image
- Barbara Henning for the few drops from her tap (audio)
- Rüdiger Maul for the frame drum parts


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