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December 27, 2018



Dear music lovers,
it was time to give you some news, and there are quite a few!
It's time for "good resolutions", but for me it's just the continuation of the same project.
I am lucky to have my muse - which amuses me a lot, yes – I only need to take any instrument, and in a few moments, new musical ideas are there, ready to be developed.
As for example what I showed in two videos that I just put online, with the monochord borrowed from my friend Shiatsu artist Helmut Kreil (and most of all my harmonic singing teacher), and the basic scale explained by Plato in the Timaeus. The important thing being the discovery for any music lover - also a musician - that to make or listen to music is to act at the level of the World Soul (nothing less, indeed), therefore the psychic level. I hope to make it clear why one should be very careful where one puts one´s fingers, and ears ...
I therefore recommend the explanations on the special page with a never published article written by my other friend artist, photographer, poet and metaphysician, Xavier Mignon.
The Wind Cries Satie - new CD
Ah, here he is! The Friday before Christmas, I received the 11 pieces of the mastering, and I could have finally published all, unfortunately, I had to refuse them for purely technical reasons, that are, however, good news for me: I spent so much time on the mixes that I could almost do without mastering. In short, Hartmut had a little too much compression, and all the refinements of the arrangements were somewhat geopardized. As mastering is necessary for internet and pressing, I prefer here to have the touch of a professional.
With the end of the year holidays, we´ll have to wait, I think it's only a matter of a week though. Here already a preview of the cover: 


It will be for the moment available only online, perhaps will I do a pressing later in the year if I find enough concerts, and my finances allow it.

Tweedledee, tweedledum, that's all folks!

Oh no, I forgot:

I wish you all the best you wish for the next year!


July 2016 -

Long time no read, isn´t it?

Though no news is good news, as we say in France...

I´m still very busy working, had few concerts with my old Iranian friend Darioush Shirvani, as well as with Bernd Haselmann and our duo Charlotte Fait du Jazz

I decided to have a go at video edit, as I need it to advertise my music. It took me a while to figure out how the Open Source software Blender works, but I got somewhere, and see some results.

So I just published my first video… just assuming I´m trying to be a video artist…

Contrary to the average film making using music to support emotions, I use movies (here old public domain movies) to support the music and add ideas to it (which is rarely thought of in current filmscores).


This one is made with the Open Source software Blender for my duo et cetera with Hartmut Schmid. He produced a theater play with his text and uses my music, and I must say I have been astonished at the effect of my music on his scenography, suddenly the characters on stage become authenticity and one could believe seeing through a cathedral of their life experiences. We are at the moment editing the videos of the play..


Here the video:

July 2016 (continued)


It´s in German, impossible to translate as it is poetry, so I added subtitles... (damn "Page Builder", not doing what it´s supposed to do: bloody embed a YouTube video!)


I already started the videos for my upcoming production with arrangements of Erik Satie´s music.


I intend to release one piece as single every month this coming year, so as to be able to do constant advertising on the project, and at the end of it, I´ll be releasing the whole CD (about 15 songs, mainly the 7 Gnossiennes...).


The first release with 3 Pièces Froides (Danses de Travers) is currently being mastered and should be released sometime in June. I am very lucky to have my old friend Rüdiger Maul (of Faun fame) playing Bodhran.


Own Your Self


but who´s your self?


Do you want the bad or the good news first?


Ok, one is: it is Our Self, the other: I´m not a guru. (I´ll let you decide which is which).

But are you what you´re meant to be ?

Nowadays, the vast majority of the people on this planet either adore an empty idol, or model themselves after some ideal person(s) they´ve been fascinated by. This is not what I understand as the Self.


Today there is no more education but training, whereas training is a word originally used for animals.

pavlovPavlov rules


Modern education is about implanting as many hypnotic behavior as possible to reach complete obedience. It functions with "buttons" like "liberté, égalité, fraternité" (one lie plus two half-truths). So everyone stands with an everyday growing chance of not being “himself” and we have to do it on our own. Tolerance is fine, but it is a word originally used in mechanics, and should therefore be cautiously applied to social conduct.


The Self, as I see it, is (y)our real purpose. So am I my own self and I´m not alone. It affects everything one does. The way to evaluate one´s own tolerance can be easy: whatever the aspect, our self should always ensure the survival of


(y) ourself, family, friends, neighbors, the place where one lives, clients, nature and the world, the universe:


Measuring the Universe sepia - 800
Measuring the Universe


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