This site and I


   musician and composer, working on being a real human.

In almost 40 years experience in the music "worlds", where I had to do almost all the jobs from roadie, guitar hero, recording technician, producer, music journalist, publicity agent, walk on part in film and advertising, graphic artist, management, to concerts, viola da gamba and orchestra conductor, I´ve learned a few things.

   Until now, I was relatively reluctant to talk about my little self, but I have to if I want to make my music better known, and because of my experience and capacity to help, as many people asked me to write a book – which I can´t for the moment, but sort of will do anyway in these pages. I have also as many years of experience in teaching, music as well as languages, where I always aim at having my students understand and master what they are doing.

   Over the years, I´ve often been helped forward by older persons, to whom I give credit wherever I can. This was simply Destiny. But Providence let me discover metaphysics around 1990.

   A very useful knowledge that gives proper orientation in life, justifies the practice of improvisation - in music and in life - and beyond.

  A blessing, but also a curse in a world dominated by psychic people.

   Trying most of the time to study the infinite, when I sort of come down to earth, wherever I go (not only on the internet planet), I can´t find a proper place for my music. Probably because I am not buying into the current idol-cult?


   Classical, baroque, jazz, folk, rock, dance, medieval, gothic, contemporary dissonance cult, heavy duty hip metal, MacWorld music, TV-addicted bearded girls wannahave grunge, hoplahop jizz, new-age omg, brat pop, me ragged funk, pervert slut thrash, cosmetic urban sexy bitch rap´n roll…


   None of them apply, and even then, it is going to be literally drowned in the overwhelming pile of mostly mindless "art", due to the overall acceptance of an outdated narrow-minded music-business model, placing quantity of money and calling on the lowest human instincts before quality, and assuming the people are as dumb as their education.


   There is nothing wrong with selling music and talent, but I´m pretentious enough to want to elevate my listeners and respect them. You may have noticed, this is not what the mainstream media do. So I make my own site, while still learning.



arithmeticas sepia2

Boethius - Arithmeticae - Pythagoras


Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.



   All these pages are meant for: explain my music,

why and how I do it, when and where it happens, sell it, the concepts I use,

as well as introduce other open-minded people / artists,

and communicate with you.





How about the Infinite to start with?






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