"Own Your Self"

but who´s your self?

Do you want the bad or the good news first?

Ok, one is: it is Our Self, the other: I´m not a guru. (I´ll let you decide which is which).

But are you what you´re meant to be ?

Nowadays, the vast majority of the people on this planet either adore an empty idol, or model themselves after some ideal person(s) they´ve been fascinated by. This is not what I understand as the Self.

Today there is no more education but training, whereas training is a word originally used for animals.

pavlovPavlov rules

Modern education is about implanting as many hypnotic behavior as possible to reach complete obedience. It functions with "buttons" like "liberté, égalité, fraternité" (one lie plus two half-truths). So everyone stands with an everyday growing chance of not being “himself” and we have to do it on our own. Tolerance is fine, but it is a word originally used in mechanics, and should therefore be cautiously applied to social conduct.

The Self, as I see it, is (y)our real purpose. So am I my own self and I´m not alone. It affects everything one does. The way to evaluate one´s own tolerance can be easy: whatever the aspect, our self should always ensure the survival of

(y) ourself, family, friends, neighbors, the place where one lives, clients, nature and the world, the universe:


Measuring the Universe sepia - 800
Measuring the Universe


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