there´s always a first time

There´s always a first time

This website is getting close to an acceptable form, but... it´s just a matter of setting all these fancy plugins properly.

Anyway, the news start now:

Had the pleasure to hear my music used in Hartmut´s theater play "Klaviatur der Emotionen" last weekend. My first impression was, "it doesn´t work" but then after the second bit the effect really struck me, like all the characters´ thoughts and former lives become depth, with all their dramas and unsolved questions. I knew some pieces bcause we do them on stage, but they come much better to life with 4 actors.

Next thing is, my friend Darioush Shirvani called me for a show in Munich next month, he has a new CD out, and we´ll be playing some songs in the Muffathalle, where I never played actually. I quite happy to get back together with my Oriental musician friends, and Sascha Gotowtschikov whom I had engaged for my Inverted Tree 15 years ago...

It´s on Easter Sunday.


Saturday 27th February

Book presentation with Gudrun Opladen

She translated Wolfram von Eschenbach´Willehalm und Arabel" and put it in modern German. I play and improvise while she reads excerpts. A medieval evening. In Cosmos Cafe - Friedberg

Last news is more important, I´m almost finished with the 3 Satie Danses de Travers, next week I hope to do the mastering, and I´ll release the whole very soon (matter of weeks).

See you soon then!

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