Über (meine) Musik

(Übersetzung kommt noch) I always felt like an alien, especially in music genres invented by others, but I had made my own building from the beginning, and my real home is live on a stage anywhere.

I do like many styles of music, but when I play, I make my own, pushing the rules as far as possible, though staying modal, rhythmic but not only, between the worlds, i.e. between spiritual, psychic and physic worlds, and cultures and times.

Mostly instrumental because I´m not particulary gifted at writing lyrics, especially as lyrics have the annoying characteristic of reactivating hypnotic buttons, such as education, media and social life in general have implanted in us and brought us to believe they are our own choices.

With an open mind, through my music I try to initiate thoughts that will emulate the listener to make his own, still surprising him/her and opening new "dimensions" along the way, staying aware that this "mind" is the Spirit in Which the whole world bathes, but most people ignore. I understand my task as showing the way back to this Spirit, and so is my music literally loaded with concepts and symbols, as in a filmscore without pictures but where the listener makes his own. Most of my ideas come from my discoveries in metaphysics.

I understand the marketing need of having a "special target audience", but as my listeners are between 8 and 70, and all say they felt listening to it was well worth the effort (yes, this is not background music), I opt for the "crossover" for the time being. Or:

Open-minded music?

I could call it neo-classical maximalist, as it opens to new strains of ideas on top of a sensuous experience. Mind meaning here the Spirit, not the soul.

Neo because it´s rather new

Classical because I use classical harmony, with a balance of rhythm, harmony and melody, and the exception that I put all instruments on an equal level of quality, like, for example, I´ll use a bass line which will have its function of supporting the harmony, but allowing it to also participate in the melodies. Classical also because it is not entirely traditional: what can the "righteous" do when the basics have been destroyed?

Maximalist, because it tends („ism“) to maximalize the effects wanted (back to the Infinite is maximal enough isn´t it?). Maximalist in the way that if I hear another line behind some others, I´ll try to manifest it more, even if it means adding another line to 4 others (listen to my composition „The City“, with up to 12 coinciding lines and no chords). The advantage being that one can discover new things even after years of listening (and when performed live, improvisation is part of and will multiply the process of interpretation). Maximalist because a musical idea will be developped to its natural end, regardless of the compulsory 3 minutes on radio before the next advertising block.


Style is the man, and by no means the essence of art

A.K. Coomaraswamy


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Nevertheless, real music is live, as recorded music misses its most important ingredients. Real music supposes musician(s) playing instrument(s) AND an audience at a given place and time. If one of these elements is missing, music is at best frozen, at the worst a sacrilege. Unfortunately, I have to record my music to give people an idea of what it is, but they should know that it is not the real live thing. Sorry, this is modernity.


Musica sine metaphysica nihil


What´s that?

Some others (very few actually) will explain this better than I do, but I feel it needs some explanation. The word (metaphysics = "beyond nature“) might sound over the top, it is, actually. But only because this subject has been thrown out with the baby, aside of the illusion of modern ordinary life and completely disinformed. For those who still give it some kind of reality, it is at best a mundane philosophical hobby, at the worst an alibi to justify some creed inheritated from a confusion between spiritual and psychic. Nevertheless it really is the most important thing in anybody´s life, and indeed very practical, especially when it comes to manifesting music or any art (being human is an art).

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There is no uncertainty in metaphysics, it comprehends and thus explains everything you need and sometimes it even hurts (but did you need it in the first place?). The knowledge of the Principle (the Primary Cause), it is always accessible to anybody interested, as it is timeless, so even a so-called prehistoric mind did understand and use it.


Or a child


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